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Aruti Payroll & HR

Aruti, is a unique brand in the Payroll and HR space. It is packed with features which make the management of human capital of any organisation a breeze. Moreover, it can be tailored to meet additional requirement of clients. Aruti is modular based so you can select packs that meet your immediate needs and scale up as your organisation grows and this makes Aruti Payroll and HR affordable. Some of the features of the system are:

Payroll and Loan Management


Aruti Payroll and Loans module is designed to efficiently process  earnings and deductions in accordance to statutory regulations governing in specific regions /countries. It fully manages and administers the entire payroll and taxation processes and automatically tracks the earnings, deductions and benefits for the purposes of reporting to Employees, Government Agencies, Accounts Department and Management.

The system also manages Employee Costing Distribution, Banking Services, Payroll History Tracking, online verification of Data entry, data Security, Integration to General Ledger financial Systems and other Human Resources Management Systems.

Aruti is multiple currency enabled  to cater for companies with expatriate staff. The system also provides a platform for central processing of payroll of multiple organizations, branches or groups . It generates user-defined reports as well as mandatory statutory reports.

Employee Bio Data

Right from an employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests, Aruti Employee Biodata Management will save all the required information in the system. The module also records information like present and past addresses, medical details, important dates as well as the employee’s pictures.

Aruti Employee Biodata Management further helps you:

  • Track the employee duration at your organization from joining date, probation end date, contract end date, retirement date, etc

  • Track employee dependants and specify relevant guidelines for their benefits

  • Track assets assigned to employee

  • Keep a record of employee skills, qualifications and work experience

  • To this is as one stop repository to store anything regarding your human capital’s personal particulars.

Recruitment Management

Manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and cut down your recruitment costs through Aruti Recruitment Management. By means of this module, the job applicants can simply submit their resume and relevant documents through an internet interface, thereby avoiding the traditional paper methods. 

Moreover, the systems enables you to:

  • Establish solid needs to recruit.

  • Shortlist job applications in a jiffy, eliminating weeks of manual work.

  • Schedule and conduct interviews and mark applicants eligible for employment, and

  • Transform the applicant to employee effortlessly.

Aruti Performance Appraisal

Employee performance appraisal is crucial for every organisation to ensure corporate goals are achieved. However, this process can be a daunting task especially in a large workforce environment and if appraisal ought to be done more than once in a year.


Aruti Performance module has simplified the process via a paperless environment.  Your organization will be able to formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  criteria for department, teams and individual employees. Aruti also anticipates that appraisal is a two way process and therefore employees can easily assess themselves before their line managers through employee and managers self service.

Moreover, based on the performance evaluation result of each employee, the system allows you to issue recommendation letters, warning letters, salary increment notification etc.

Leave and Absence Management

Supervising the employee’s attendance, absence and working hours, Aruti Leave, Absence and Time Management feature will keep records of these processes. Additionally, the employee will also be able to be directly involved in the process through a simple login interface such that he remains updated with his attendance details.

  • Define unlimited number of leaves and absence types, rules and guidelines as per your organization’s criteria. Additionally, you can give your own preferred colors to easily distinguish different leaves in the calendar.

  • Apply and approve leaves in an effortless and integrated workflow through employees’ and managers' self service portal.

  • Use automated Time and Attendance Machines to track your employees' time duration. Furthermore, you can then apply this time to pay them accordingly.

  • Manage leave and working day cycles with easy administration.

  • Forecast leaves and determine the cost component attributed by leave days well in advance.

Employee and Manager self service

It is will be exciting if managers and employees participate in some daily activities related to Human Resources in your organisation. That is the convenience that Aruti Employee and Managers Self Service offer.  This feature works on privilege-basis, such that each employee and manager will be able to avail only those areas which are related to them.

Employees can update their profile, easily apply for leave, loans and internally advertised jobs. ​ This module also engages employees in the performance appraisal process by conducting self evaluations before meeting his/her line manager etc. Managers can also authorise leaves, loans and other requests. They can also conduct regular performance,  training impact evaluation for employees etc.

Time and Attendance Management 

Making use of biometric devices, Aruti Time and Attendance Management will let you calculate the working hours of your employees along with overtime done. Integrate the working time of the employees with the payroll system of your organization, such that each employee will be paid on the basis of their productive hours at work.


The system has the potential of reducing operational costs by quickly identifying and eliminating employees who don't exist. You can also configure unlimited employee shifts and manage them conveniently.