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One of the pain points of CEOs of SMEs is their inability to have a consolidated financial reports for analytics and decision making  due to unaffordability of ERPs.  Joiin is a powerful application that drives the ease of financial reporting.


With Joiin, you can easily generate consolidated reports across subsidiaries, branches and currencies. Interestingly Joiin also speaks to different applications such QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and even Excel to enhance consolidation and other financial reports.


Key Financial Reports
See everything at one place- profit or loss, balance sheet, cash flows and trial balance.

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Report across companies and multiple currencies, and automatically make conversions with ease.

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Inter Company Management

Manage complex inter-company transactions and things like eliminations, loans and transactions between companies.

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KPI Report


Joiin is loaded with key performance measures to help you identify how well each of your companies is performing.

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Easily import financial statements from various applications such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero to do consolidation with a breeze.

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